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Your molars and premolars are the back teeth in your mouth that are larger than your other teeth and have chewing surfaces covered in deep ridges that help with chewing and swallowing food. While your teeth need these ridges to improve their function, food debris and bacteria can also be found in these spaces, causing tooth decay if your toothbrush can provide a proper clean.

Dental sealants placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth may be an optimal treatment to prevent the development of cavities. Dr. Hoang H. Drouin and our team apply these plastic coatings to provide a barrier against harmful substances that are trying to invade the chewing surfaces. The use of a mild acidic solution applied to a clean and dry tooth helps to roughen the tooth surface so that it develops minor abrasions that lock the dental sealant in place. The dental sealant can be further hardened with a special light to keep it strong. The expected lifespan of dental sealants is about 10 years even with daily wear and tear on the tooth.

We typically recommend dental sealants for children ages 13 or younger, whose adult molars have recently erupted and who could have an increased cavity risk. However, we are happy to offer them to patients at any age when cavities are not present and there is no heightened risk of tooth decay.

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