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If you feel anxious about sitting in the dentist’s chair, you are not alone. For longer procedures or for patients with greater anxiety, we offer oral sedation. Your medical history will be reviewed prior to use to ensure safety. If oral sedation is appropriate for you, Dr. Hoang H. Drouin will prescribe a pill to be taken prior to your dental treatment at Lake Norman Smiles.

The sedative helps create a relaxed and sometimes drowsy state. While you will be able to respond to questions or commands, it is unlikely you will recall your treatment while the sedative is in effect. Oral sedation makes it much easier to complete longer procedures – or multiple procedures. It is important to note that patients who use oral sedation must have a companion provide transportation to and from the appointment.

To schedule a consultation with the dentist, please contact us at 704-664-7774 for sedation dentistry in Mooresville, North Carolina, today!

Charlotte Magazines Best Again

We are pleased to announce that, yet again, Lake Norman Smiles has been rated as one of the top dental practices in the Charlotte area! Dr. Douin and his talented team have been recognized for their expertise, use of technology for better treatments, and great care. We invite you to contact our office and see what Dr. Hoang H. Drouin can do for you!

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