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Preparing and caring for your smile in terms of making sure your teeth and gums are in healthy condition includes always looking for signs and symptoms of any damage. In the case of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, various indications of gum tissue infections begin to arise. As the disease can progress over a period of many years, catching it early is instrumental in receiving proper treatments and recovery. Frequently asked questions regarding symptoms of gum disease can be found below:

Question: What is gum disease?
Gum disease is a common yet serious condition in which the tissues in your mouth are infected.

Question: What are some of the indications of gum disease?
Common symptoms of gum disease are abnormalities and irregularities in your gums, which can include signs of gum recession, tooth sensitivity, frequent bouts of halitosis and pain when chewing. Visual clues consisting of gum disease symptoms include the presence of pus or sores, inflammation, swelling, bleeding gums and gum recession.

Question: What is one of the best methods for treating gum disease?
Gum disease will require professional care to help make sure it treated properly. Thus, visit your dentist.

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