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Your Best Smile Begins with Tooth Hazard Prevention

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Are you aware of the risks associated with using your teeth improperly? If you’re not careful, a single wrong move can lead to severe dental damage via an oral accident or injury. Thus, exercise caution with all aspects of your life and make sure you’re using your mouth as intended. Furthermore, avoid lifestyle choices and bad habits they can severely damage your smile. Here are some important tooth hazard risks to be aware of:

– Are you aware of the tooth hazard risks associated with chewing on inedible products? Whether you are chewing on pencils or pens caps, or even biting into your nails, you could be doing serious dental damage that you may not even be aware of. Plus, never use your teeth for any other tasks other than eating edible foods.

– Be aware that certain products can easily stain your teeth. This includes coffee and red wine. To help treat any stains or discolorations, come and visit your dentist for a professional in-office tooth whitening treatment system.

– Avoid all unhealthy habits in your life that could be contributing to poor oral health. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco. Tobacco is a known product that can cause cancer, tooth loss, infectious diseases, and numerous other oral ailments.

– Be aware of any acidic products that you may be consuming. This can include wine and sodas. These products are known to contain acids that can eat through your tooth enamel.

Don’t postpone a visit to our team at Lake Norman Smiles to check if you are suffering from tooth hazards.  If you are in need of a dentist in Mooresville, North Carolina, please call us at 704-664-7774, you can set up an appointment with Dr. Hoang H. Drouin and our team at our dentist office.