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Facts About General Dentistry

Your dentist, Dr. Hoang H. Drouin, is proud to offer general dentistry in Mooresville, North Carolina. General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specializes in helping patients of all ages reach the top-notch oral health they need and deserve. In fact, it can prevent, diagnose, treat and manage many different healthcare needs. To teach you a little more about... read more »

Combat Your Halitosis

Do you need help combating your halitosis? If so, our dentist, Dr. Hoang H. Drouin with Lake Norman Smiles in Mooresville, North Carolina, is happy to help you! Halitosis can put a damper on the best of days, which is why we are happy to help you overcome it. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, can be very difficult to... read more »

Your Best Smile Begins with Tooth Hazard Prevention

  Are you aware of the risks associated with using your teeth improperly? If you're not careful, a single wrong move can lead to severe dental damage via an oral accident or injury. Thus, exercise caution with all aspects of your life and make sure you're using your mouth as intended. Furthermore, avoid lifestyle choices and bad habits they can... read more »

Answer Your Questions on Dental Crowns

  Restoring your smile often depends on restoring the health of broken and damaged teeth. In order for your teeth to a function effectively and continue to be able to chew and eat foods, and assist with speaking properly, repairs will need to be given to broken teeth. Any damage that has occurred will need to be repaired. In the... read more »